3 Independent Brands With Summer Style Vibes

Posted on July 23 2020

Marine and Vine - Independent Brands With Summer Style Vibes

3 Independent Brands With Summer Style Vibes 

Cat Turner London loves to discover and support other independent brands. Here we showcase three with summer style vibes - all created out of a passion for summer holidays and travel.

Marine + Vine

Designed as a meditation of the Founder’s favorite summer days in the South of France, Marine + Vine honours mindfulness and the beauty of everyday moments through therapeutic and performance-driven natural ingredients. 

The Tahitian Bodycare Collection features a nourishing and potent tropical blend of monoi, kukui, macadamia and passion fruit oils for radiant skin. Plant-based oils feed and nurture the skin with phytonutrients and naturally occurring omega fatty acids to help soothe dry areas and improve overall skin texture. 

The classic Tahitian Oil is an easy to absorb, nutrient-dense, naturally strengthening body oil blend with a clean spray application. 

With luxurious formulations and an intoxicating scent of light tropical florals, Marine + Vine offers ecoluxe bodycare products that can really help you to relax and wind down at the end of a busy day. 




Dorsya - Neptune World Map Women's Watch



Dorsya is a London based, women's watch brand inspired by a love of travel. 

It was founded by D.Orsy and Arpi in 2018, a couple who wanted to design a watch that had the power to remind people of their unforgettable travels and inspire them to discover the wonders of the world. To encourage people to enjoy every precious minute, live life to the fullest and create lasting memories with their wanderlust inspired World Map Design Watches.

Dorsya's Signature Collection "The World Map Watch" is elegant, feminine and affordable, created with attention to detail and perfect for the contemporary woman who loves to travel. 



Pureshore Jewellery - Affordable Luxury Jewellery


Pureshore Jewellery 

Pureshore Jewellery is the collaboration of a brother and sister celebrating their shared memories of seaside holidays in their designs. There are five design sets in this first collection ‘A diamond on the shore’, each available in different metal plating finishes and with different colour diamonds. The siblings describe their brand as affordable luxury and are keen to take an ethical stance with recycled packaging and marketing materials and work with other family businesses who share their values.


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