5 Ethical Fashion & Jewellery Brands

Posted on May 01 2021

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Given Cat Turner London's commitment to ethically made clothing, we thought we'd showcase 5 ethical fashion and jewellery brands just in time for you to refresh your 2021 summer outfits! Whether you love them for their unique and stunning designs, or because of their passion for slow fashion, we encourage you to support these independent brands.


Seekd is a curated online boutique of chic, ethical and eco-friendly jewellery, accessories and lifestyle brands. 

Seekd was founded by Fay Cannings in 2018 who had a desire to bring together a like minded community of talented designers and planet conscious customers. The collections are handpicked and showcase some of the most exciting and eclectic designs and independent brands in the UK. Seekd encourages you to seek out something unique and sustainable which you’ll cherish, lovingly handmade and positive for the planet. From everyday interesting classic pieces to more statement finds, you’ll enjoy the diverse selections and founder stories behind them. Discover two of the Seekd brands Maalo Jeweller and Olivia Taylor also showcased in this blog. Look out for more Seekd pop up shops coming soon. 



Tatum Diamond London

Tatum Diamond London is a sustainable, luxury handbag & accessories brand with the ocean at its core.

Tatum Diamond the founder is always looking for ways to do more to reduce plastic waste, she is currently working on new bags to add to her range, which champions sustainable slow fashion. These will be made by combining pre-loved sailcloth and natural leather. The aim is to do more with what already exists so that we can all waste less.

Creating timeless, versatile accessories using durable materials means that your Tatum Diamond London bags will last for years to come.

Black & Tan versatile Whitley Bag



Olivia Taylor

Olivia Taylor is a sustainable jewellery brand based in Scotland.  Designer and maker - Olivia - aims to create a brand of stylish, contemporary jewellery that lasts forever.  

Inspired by Japanese architecture and design philosophy, the Ondulée collection consists of delicate necklaces, statement bracelets, elegant earrings and eye-catching rings, all with the signature Ondulée design.  This elegant yet structural design is unique and catches the light beautifully in every piece.  The minimalist Ondulée design allows each piece to be versatile for any occasion in addition to some pieces having multiple ways to style, allowing for an easy day to night look to be achieved.  Each piece is handmade by Olivia herself using ethically sourced precious metals. 

Find the bestsellers on Seekd.co.uk or browse the full collection on her website.

Mini Ondulée Earrings - Studs


Jewelled Buddha

Jewelled Buddha is the home of artisan made, ethical fashion and lifestyle.

Founder Harjit-Sohotey-Khan discovered her love of artisan clothing, whilst backpacking for a year around Asia. She returned with a deep appreciation of Indian textiles, to create a sustainable fashion brand, working with NGO's and social brands. 

Offering stylish clothing that re-imagines the crafts of the past into modern wardrobe staples, expect to find colourful, slow fashion collections that are often one-of-a-kind or limited edition. From luxury silk scarves and upcycled silk kimonos to wardrobe must-haves like their handwoven wool capes.

Their handloomed range of throws and cushion covers is perfect for adding a unique style detail at home. By empowering consumers with ethically made fashion that aligns with their personal values, this brand ensures sustainable livelihoods for their artisan makers.

shibori silk scarves



Maalo is a sustainable and ethical jewellery brand born in Mexico and based in London. Their designs are inspired by the duality of empowered modern women: classic, timeless, strong, subtle. Their goal is to create jewellery that lasts forever and that women can wear every day and wherever they want to.

The pieces are designed in London by the founder, and then handmade either by herself or a team of artisans in her hometown in Mexico. They only use recycled metals, sterling silver or 9ct gold, ethically sourced stones, and recycled and plantable packaging.

Each collection is produced in small batches, not only to support talented artisans but to avoid the unnecessary waste caused by mass production. To see their latest collection, Freya, visit their online shop, or check out their bestsellers at seekd.co.uk

Puppy Necklace


Looking for ethically made summer dresses?

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striped-cotton-kaftan - cat-turner-london






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