What To Do In Sorrento

Posted on September 06 2018

Cat Turner Blog Post - What To Do In Sorrento

What To Do In Sorrento


Sorrento is about 50 minutes by car from Naples airport and is a wonderful choice for a week-end away. 

With its spectacular views across the Bay of Naples, its charming old town and its beaches, it makes for a wonderfully relaxed and scenic week-end.

And if you're wanting to go further afield, Sorrento also acts as a gateway to the stunning Amalfi Coast and as a fantastic base from which to explore Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples and Capri.

Having been to Sorrento several times, this is what I would recommend as some of the best things to do:

1) Stroll slowly through the old part of town, enjoying the architecture and stopping off at any shops that spark your interest - Sorrento has some of the best shopping options along the Amalfi Coast.

2) Stop off for lunch at the Bellevue Syrene and enjoy a glass of Prosecco as you're admiring the spectacular views.

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3) Wander along to the Villa Comunale to visit the very pretty Cloister of San Francesco and to take in the sweeping views of the bay.

4) Walk or take the lift down to the Marina below and walk past the beach areas to the harbour to admire the yachts and enjoy the beautiful views of Sorrento and its cliffs. Tip: Think twice about buying a return ticket for the lift, you might decide to walk back up to the town centre from the harbour steps rather than wait in a long queue to go back up the lift.

Cat Turner Blog Post - What To Do In Sorrento

5) Enjoy an early evening aperitivo in the uniquely beautiful D'Anton Design and Bistro - and try not to get tempted to buy something! Not only is the decor very special, the family who own this cafe bar are very friendly and attentive - and can make wonderful cocktails!


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