Ethically Made Clothing

Cat Turner London is a British womenswear brand, passionate about ethically made clothing, offering a collection of boutique dresses designed to make women both look and feel fantastic.

We are proud to be made in the UK in two ethical facilities - a studio in West London and a work space in East London.

Choosing to make our collections on our home ground, means that:

~ We are bound by UK law which, as a basic measure, means more stringent regulations and checks than certain other countries around the world with regards to human rights and environmental practices.

~ We can foster a closer relationship with our highly skilled teams of garment creators, due to the proximity of the sites, and have greater ongoing visibility, able to just "pop in" to see how things are going at any time.

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      Ethical Clothing UK - Cat Turner 

      Sustainable Fashion

      Secondly, we are keen to do what we can to minimise any harm to the environment.

      This is work in progress and with every collection we make big steps forward, but we are well aware that there is always room for improvement.

      Aside from being ethically made in London and minimising our carbon footprint, here are several ways in which we are making efforts to be sustainable:

      Sustainable Design

      ~ We make high-end dresses designed to last. Our patterns, samples and grading are done by experienced teams in London and every new style goes through a comprehensive fit process with a professional fit model. This ensures the basic structure of every garment is of the highest quality and that we are not disposable fast fashion. We keep stocks low and make many of our dresses on a made to order basis.


      Ethical Clothing UK - Cat Turner

      ~ We use quality fabrics sourced from European firms with long-term heritage and expertise in fabric production or supply.

      Sustainable Textiles

      ~ We use particularly environmentally friendly fabrics such as Tencel and Linen and are always looking at opportunities to use more.

      ~ We use end of roll fabrics, which is a sustainable way of optimising the final metres of a beautiful fabric from a fabric mill or brand that have produced too much, preventing it from ending in landfill.

      ~ We love natural fibres and use 100% cotton fabrics. Cotton is biodegradable. On an ongoing basis we look for more sustainable cotton alternatives e.g. organic cotton or fair trade cotton. We recently contacted the Better Cotton Initiative for more information. It is a commercial reality, though, that smaller, independent fashion brands don't get the same options as bigger brands who can afford the necessary volumes, as well as the certification costs.

      ~ Many of our fabrics have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This relates to how the fabrics are processed (e.g. dyes and finishes) and means that textiles with this certification are free from substances harmful to health, as tested and certified by an internationally recognised institute. 

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      Eco Friendly Materials

      ~ We are mindful of the marketing materials and packaging we use. We made a point of adapting our original business card design to work on an uncoated card, and our swing tag to work on an unlaminated card, to make them both recyclable. Our cardboard boxes, tissue paper and branded stationery are all recyclable.


      Recyclable Packaging - Cat Turner

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      Strapless Summer Dress - Cat Turner 

      Whether you're looking for an ethically made dress for the beach, a cotton summer dress for daytime chic or a strapless summer dress for an evening outfit, 
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