Cat Turner International Women Of Influence Series

Posted on January 13 2020

Cat Turner International Women Of Influence Series


Cat Turner International Women Of Influence Series


Cat Turner Meets... The Two Female Founders Of "We Are F"

I was over the moon when the strong duo of women behind “We Are F” approached me recently wanting to collaborate after coming across the Cat Turner brand online and loving the dresses.

 As confident, well-travelled, international women and successful founders of a Digital Marketing Boutique passionate about female empowerment, I thought they they would be perfect Cat Turner brand ambassadors.

 Below they share with us the inspiration behind taking the leap to become female founders with “We Are F”, how they currently help other female entrepreneurs get ahead with digital marketing and what parts of Italy and the world they can recommend that we all travel to!

 Cat Turner Strapless Maxi Dress

Strapless Summer Maxi Dress worn by Federica Attanasio

Federicas” (Federica Pecis and Federica Attanasio)... tell us a little more about your business and why you decided to start it?

We founded “We Are F” two years ago after working side by side in a digital marketing agency in London. Both of us unfortunately suffered through several instances of unfit management by a male member of the management team, until we decided that enough was enough and that we wanted to start something of our own, something that would make a difference. That’s when we decided to found We Are F, the digital marketing boutique committed to helping female entrepreneurs and female founded businesses succeed through the power of digital marketing.


Why is female empowerment and helping female founders so important to you and how are you making it part of your DNA?

Unfortunately, our industry is still overwhelmingly male dominated and this makes it difficult for female founders to find the support and dedication that their brand really needs. We have had so many female founders reach out to us, immensely unhappy after working with big digital marketing agencies. Firstly, and most commonly, a typical digital agency tends to look after multiple (sometimes too many) different clients, therefore the service offered is pretty standardised. We are a boutique agency, which means we don’t on-board many clients and those we work with we select very carefully, so that we can provide a tailored service to each and every one of them. I am proud to say that we have a truly special relationship with our clients, which is fundamental in order to do a great job. You wouldn’t believe the extraordinary results that can be achieved when women join forces and work together for a common purpose. What’s also important for our clients is to have their story told from a female perspective, which is really important to effectively reach a female audience and convert them into loyal customers.

 Cat Turner Blog Featuring We Are F

Can you give us a couple of examples of how you are currently helping female entrepreneurs to succeed?

Since starting our journey, what has made us feel truly accomplished has been helping small startups, often with low budgets, carry out some form of digital activity.

We offer a free 30 minute business breakthrough session, which female founders can sign up for here, to give them new insight and a chance to understand how we can help them with their digital marketing.

We have a number of digital marketing packages or coaching options available on our website, but one we’ve received great feedback for is our "1:1 Digital Coaching". This is a 3-hour session during which we analyse a client’s business situation and marketing efforts in depth, in order to help them improve their communication and overall digital strategy.

We also organize monthly Workshops to help female founders have a better understanding of how digital marketing works, covering specific areas with interactive exercises and Q&As.


In your opinion, what 5 things would you say women entrepreneurs should focus on and why?

  • 1) and 2) Developing a strong brand identity and tone of voice are two very important aspects for effective communication.
  • 3) Building an authentic relationship by engaging consistently (especially across social media).
  • 4) Making sure you have a strong team behind you to give you support (and this support works particularly well when there is mutual support, respect and kindness between teams).
  • 5) Finding a good work/life balance and looking after your mental and physical health (burning out will only end up negatively affecting your business).

Whats next on the horizon for you? What plans do you have for the company?

We obviously see We Are F growing and being able to help more and more businesses succeed. Our overall mission is to contribute to closing the gender gap by specifically focusing on helping female entrepreneurs succeed and grow their brands.

 Cat Turner - Capri

Capri Island (recommended by Federica Attanasio)

As you know, the Cat Turner brand is all about year-round, beautiful sunny escapes, offering summer wardrobe essentials for the stylish female traveller for both city and beach getaways.

With this in mind, Id love to hear where each of you is from in Italy and three things that are unique and very special to that area?

FA : My family is originally from Naples (south) but I grew up near the Amalfi Coast. Three things I absolutely love about Naples and the surrounding region are the food, the weather, the sea and if I can add a fourth, how warm and welcoming the people are.

TIP: If you happen to be staying in Napoli for a few days, I can thoroughly recommend you jump on a ferry and take a tour around the islands of Capri and Ischia…it’s an experience you won’t forget.

TIP: If you’re curious about the Amalfi Coast, an absolute must visit restaurant is “Da Gemma”. It’s very unique and only the locals know about it. Their seafood dishes are simply the best I’ve ever had and the homemade limoncello at the end of the meal is the cherry on top.

FP: I’m from Bergamo, a small town in the North of Italy, not far from Milan. Three things I love (and miss) from my hometown are the food, the beautiful hills that surround the area where I live and the view of the mountains.

TIP: An absolute must try is the “Casoncelli” – a fantastic handmade fresh pasta typical of Bergamo.

Where to holiday in Italy is such a huge question, but which three places would you each recommend and why?

FA: Florence, Naples, Stromboli (a small island off the north coast of Sicily).

Florence is incredibly charming and romantic. The art and history of the city are disarming. Naples in my opinion is the true heart of Italy, a city that has always struggled but has kept its true essence and beauty which still fascinates the world. Stromboli is just wild and magic.

 Cat Turner Blogpost - Stromboli Volcano

Stromboli Volcano At Sunset (recommended by Federica Attanasio)
- Photo Credit Gurkan Bulut on Pixabay.

: Tuscany is a magical place, with historic towns, beautiful landscapes and amazing food and wine.

Rome has unfortunately not been as well maintained as it deserves, but it still remains one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, you can breathe in history wherever you go.

Sicily - if you have 2 weeks to spend there, just rent a car and drive all around Sicily to enjoy volcanos, amazing beaches, ancient ruins and, of course, excellent food.

The great British weather is probably something you’re not so keen on since moving to the UK - what is your favourite destination for winter sun holidays?

FA: Home…Naples.

FP: I don’t have a favorite one, last winter I went to Costa Rica and I would definitely recommend it!


A couple of last questions…

Im always curiouswhat appealed to you the most when you first discovered the Cat Turner brand?

What we loved about the Cat Turner dresses is their effortlessly chic style and we loved how the brand takes your mind to beautiful sunny places away from the city, which can often be quite a stressful environment.


Federica Pecis, you chose the V Neck Polka Dot Dress and Federica Attanasio, you chose the Strapless Summer Maxi Dress. Can each of you tell me what you love about the summer dress you have selected?

 FA: I absolutely love the strapless summer maxi dress as it’s perfect for both a casual afternoon walk or a smart-casual dinner out by the sea, it’s definitely a wardrobe essential.

 FP: I love how the polka dot dress is so versatile and a dress for all seasons. You can wear it for a Sunday brunch in summer with comfy flat shoes or for an autumn night out with heels and a leather jacket. And I love the fabric! I’m very attentive to ethical fashion and it really appeals to me that the Cat Turner is such a conscious brand.

For more information, you can get in touch with the We Are F team on



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