Our Fabrics

The Cat Turner brand offers beautiful fabrics, carefully selected to suit warm weather as well as for how they drape and flatter the body. 

All of the fabrics are supplied by European companies with a long heritage in fabric production or supply. Many have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, which means that the textiles are free from substances harmful to health, as tested and certified by an internationally recognised institute. The collection is crafted from natural fabrics and fibres with a concern for biodegradability and sustainability.

100% Cotton

All of our 100% cotton fabrics are wonderfully light and fresh but have enough weight to hang really well. Cotton allows the air to circulate more freely through the fabric making heat more bearable, whether that's a dry or humid heat. 

Sustainability: Cotton is a natural fibre and cotton fabrics are biodegradable. We are constantly exploring options for organic cotton and Fairtrade cotton.


Tencel has a lovely cool, dry and soft feel, as well as a beautiful drape. It is said to be a more breathable fabric than cotton. We source our Tencel from a family firm in Spain and it consistently surprises and delights customers and gets fantastic reviews. 

Sustainability: Tencel is one of the most sustainable fabrics as it is very carefully manufactured from fibres derived from sustainable wood sources. 



Cat Turner - Tencel Fabric and Washcare Label

Our Tencel fabric has a stunning drape. 


Our beautifully soft, premium linen is sourced from an Irish company with a long-standing heritage in linen production.

Sustainability: Linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics. 

End Of Roll Fabrics

End of roll means a fabric has been sourced from a factory or design house that has produced more fabric than it needs or is no longer running that pattern.  With an end of roll fabric you are getting a very limited edition dress (the unique combination of a Cat Turner design in a limited supply fabric).

Sustainability: Using end of roll fabrics is a sustainable way of optimising the final metres of a beautiful fabric which prevents it from ending in a landfill and saves the earth from further fabric production.


Cotton Linen Blend

A beautiful blue and white striped cotton linen blend from our fabric partners in Spain; 70% cotton, 30% linen.

Cotton Blend Chambray

Our woven, cotton chambray fabric has a smooth feel to it, with a slight resemblance to the feel of linen. The 20% Polyester content means the summer dresses benefit from a little more crease resistance. It is currently being phased out and is only used in two of our dresses.

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