The Amalfi Coast In October

Posted on September 06 2018

Cat Turner - The Amalfi Coast In October Blog Post


Is the Amalfi Coast an all year round destination or is it better to go during certain months?

Having spent the total of a month along the stunning Amalfi Coast, with time there in early July and mid to late October, I have a pretty good idea of what this beautiful part of the world has to offer and what the weather can be like.

I first fell in love with the Amalfi Coast when I went there on honeymoon three years ago in October. The context was absolutely perfect and as dreamy as they come...I had just married the love of my life, enjoyed a spectacular and truly special wedding day in Mayfair and had now come for a two-week break to magical Positano. To be honest, it could have thundered and stormed for two whole weeks and I still would have been on a cloud of happiness!!

Catherine McManus on her wedding day

So what was the weather like on the Amalfi Coast in October? Well, it was changeable. We were there for the last two weeks of the month and it probably rained for about 10 days of those two weeks. It wasn't particularly cold though and light jackets or jumpers were fine if you felt a bit chilly. The rain would also come and go and so it was perfectly possible to go and explore other parts of this Italian coastline...we absolutely loved discovering Positano, Ravello, Amalfi and Sorrento. There is also one major benefit you need to take into account when travelling to the Amalfi Coast in October - there are far fewer crowds, which means you're less likely to be bumper to bumper along the main windey coastal road, making it far more easy, comfortable and quick to get around.

And when the sun does come out, it is absolutely incredible. We had about two incredibly hot days in October where we very happily basked in the sun on our terrace and saw the Amalfi Coast in a completely new light. Similarly, when we went to the Amalfi Coast in July it was also wonderfully sun-filled.

Cat Turner blog post on the Amalfi Coast in October

So is it a good idea to have an Amalfi Coast honeymoon?...absolutely!!

And is the Amalfi Coast a good place to travel to in October? Well, we would definitely recommend you check the predicted weather forecast before you book, and not just the temperature levels... but also the level of rain. If you have already been to the Amalfi Coast, are not looking for a particularly sunny escape and just want to soak up its offseason atmosphere, then October is absolutely fine. If you have never been to the Amalfi Coast we would recommend you make sure you get at least a few days of sunshine...which might mean going during the same period we did, or just slightly earlier in October. It doesn't have to be blistering heat, but if you haven't been to the Amalfi Coast before, the sun does shine a completely different light on the place and it's important you experience its full magic. 


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